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Neighbors helping neighbors.
Unprecedented moments of crisis can affect anyone, at any time. None of us are exempt. And the compassion that comes from a neighbor’s helping hand is often the road that leads to recovery. This is what guides Mission Lexington, and why we’re working to bring those in need together with benefactors right here at home in Lexington County who can help.

As a frontline responder, Mission Lexington brings people together to provide life essentials, resources, and guidance for fellow residents across the county who find themselves in crisis. As Lexington’s philanthropic hub we meet both our clients and supporters where they are in their journey.

Because when neighbors uphold neighbors, we are all made better.

When you visit, please bring:
  • Driver’s License
  • Social Security Cards for you and children
  • Necessary Documents
    • Paystubs or Proof of Income
    • Utility Bill
    • Hospital discharge paperwork
    • Documentation from Landlord

216 Harmon Street

Lexington SC 29072

Social Services Hours

Monday – Thursday : 9 AM – 3 PM*

All financial requests must be submitted by 2 PM.

Friday: CLOSED

We Help With:

  • Food (Crisis and Supplemental)
  • Clothing
  • Financial Assistance (Rent, Mortgage, Utilities)
  • Prescription Medication Vouchers
  • Baby Essentials
  • School Supplies
  • Fire Recovery
  • Referrals to other agencies
  • The Benefit Bank (for SNAP, Medicaid, WIC)
  • Domestic Violence Advocacy
  • Re-entry after jail, prison, or transitional housing
  • Long term stability plans
  • Prayer
  • Enrichment Classes
Criteria for Financial Assistance

  1. Must be a Lexington County Resident
  2. Must have a current crisis that has led you to be unable to pay your current financial obligations
  3. Must have stable and consistent income that will allow you to cover all necessary expenses moving forward

Documentation Requirements for Financial Assistance

  • South Carolina Identification for each adult in the household
  • SCID must match current address OR proof of change updated with the Department of Motor Vehicles
  • Social security cards for ALL in household including adults and children
  • Proof of crisis
  • Proof of income: award letter for social security, paystubs, letter from employer
  • Copy of past due bill (utilities)
  • If rental assistance is requested will need a letter from landlord confirming the below details

Letter from landlord must contain:

  • Landlord’s contact information including address, phone number and email address (if applicable)
  • Client’s name and address of rental property
  • Detailed ledger to include the monthly rent amount, total amount due and fees or additional charges with a total of current balance

PLEASE NOTE: Due to extreme volume, we will only accept a limited number of applications for financial assistance each day. Once the capacity is reached, we will no longer accept applications.

There is no way for us to know when we will reach capacity. It is recommended that you come as early as possible. (Our doors open at 9 AM) You may call 803-957-6656 x 247 with any questions. Thanks for your understanding.

Mission Lexington

Marett Bishop

Marett Bishop

Director of Social Services

803-957-6656 Extension 230

Elaine Davis

Elaine Davis

Social Services Coordinator

803-957-6656 Extension 234

Liliana Esparza

Liliana Esparza

Office Administrator

803-957-6656 Extension 247

Mindy Felkel

Mindy Felkel

Data Coordinator


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